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Journey for the Heart

Hope When Life’s Unfair

by Elizabeth A Mitchell

Writing for all who feel incapable of persevering, let alone overcoming, Elizabeth A Mitchell describes the incredible true story of her family’s journey through the heartache and triumph of their son James’ congenital heart disease that ultimately included a heart transplant and heartbreak.

With raw honesty and vulnerability, Elizabeth offers time-tested biblical insights to direct your heart to trust God’s complete sufficiency. Elizabeth’s story will help you remember that:

  • Jesus is ultimately in control
  • God is faithful and present in your life, no matter how difficult or scary it might be
  • God is able to bring good out of every situation, in his perfect time
  • Jesus can still be found in your story, and he provides courage, hope, and grace to overcome



The Way There

Seeing the Journey Through

by Elizabeth A Mitchell

As we trudge through life, sometimes big boulders loom ahead, blocking our view. Often it is the little pebble pressed against our souls that make us stumble along awkwardly.

In The Way There you will encounter 120 short essays that will inspire and encourage you to remember who God is and all he is capable of doing, regardless of what you face. Each page will be a breath of fresh air, infusing you with courage and hope in the midst of your routines and your roundabouts. This book will remind you that:

  • God rescues us because he delights in us
  • Jesus is the great initiator, pursuing us on both good and bad days
  • Our Lord is perfectly able to handle questions, queries, and cumbersome loads, regardless of their height, depth or heavyweight
  • The adventure of a lifetime belongs to those willing to risk obeying God’s voice



Let Courage In

Discovering The Resolve God Provides

by Elizabeth A Mitchell

Jesus is never bound by what appears to be impossible. He never wrings his hands and wonders what the solution might possibly be. Jesus himself is always the solution. Courage is hanging onto him and leaning against the rock-steady frame of his presence.

Let Courage In: Discovering the Resolve God Provides, is about hanging tough and never letting go, of learning to trust him like those men and women of old who lived beside the Savior when dust clung to his feet and wrinkles marked his robe.


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