My Story

Growing up, I was happiest with a book in hand. I discovered great delight in stories that transported me to other worlds and inspired me to affect my world for good. After I encountered Jesus in a vibrant church in Kingston, Jamaica, he knit into my heart the desire to write and express the beauty and honesty of life. 

In time I moved to South Florida, met and married a remarkable man, taught Bible studies, mentored women, and had four beautiful children. Throughout, God used my writing as a catalyst for deepening my relationship with him. 

And then the raw side of life occurred—our fourth child, James, was born with congenital heart disease. God’s Word, his powerful presence, and the love of our family sustained us through multiple heart surgeries, a heart transplant, and a great deal of heartbreak. In the margins of my Bible, I journaled how God was sustaining us in the most challenging places, and I highlighted the Scriptures he was using to give us life. 

“God, you cannot possibly bring one good thing out of this much pain,” were my words after James died at the age of 13. And yet God continues to prove me wrong. 

From our family’s deep reservoir of loss, love, and restoration, my husband preaches and ministers, we travel overseas to train and equip non-profit leaders, and our four children lead small groups, mentor others, and champion the cause of the vulnerable and oppressed. As we recount how God met us and how sufficient he was through it all, others discover ways to trust him, too.

I am sure you can relate to life as unfair, perhaps expressing in your own way, “This is exactly what I always never wanted!” That is precisely why God compelled me to write Journey for the Heart. I had experienced God as completely trustworthy, and I wanted to let others know that his goodness prevails, his power is made perfect in weakness, and in his time he takes what is horrible and brings great good from it all. From the response to my first book, I began a weekly devotional blog to encourage men and women to rely on God’s grace, wisdom, and hope. 

I want you to know that Jesus is also in the middle of your story, no matter how challenging it might be. He has all the power and strength you need to make it through, to thrive, and to overcome. It is my prayer that he meets you through my writing and teaching and that he reminds you continually just how precious you are to him.

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