Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

On November 5, 2019

Need This

Category: Wisdom

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”   (James 1:5-6)

Inside the Storehouse

One succinct promise trickling like a small stream revealing a torrential flow of meaning, drenching us with specific insights about our God. One statement among thousands, and yet we are splattered with a massive spray depicting the Creator of the universe who designed us for relationship with him.

Knowing we are finite and needy, possessing limited understanding for the complexities we routinely face, God presents us with an overflowing platter of his wisdom and bids us to scoop up as much as possible. When we lack and come up short, which is primarily all the time, he invites us inside the storehouse of his knowledge, packed to the ceiling with discernment and insight. Cart away as much as you want, he prescribes. Fill your minds with what I long to provide. Do not leave without all you might possibly need. And if you run out, come back again. There is more where that came from.

We find in this one verse a principal running through all of Scripture. Our God is eager for us to come to him and ask. He is not a distant Deity, unapproachable and cold. Rather, in some mysterious way that our minds are incapable of grasping, he beckons to us, opens the door wide, and allows us to barge in at any hour of the day or night. Godforsaken is never a timeslot on his watch. We are paupers invited to approach a king whose limitless resources are ever at our disposal. Our God welcomes us to come near, to ask for some of what we need, and to ask some more.

Rather, in some mysterious way that our minds are incapable of grasping, he beckons to us, opens the door wide, and allows us to barge in at any hour of the day or night.

God is Giver. His arms are outstretched, his palms open, his heart overflowing with kindness. Nothing miserly or stingy characterizes his response. He lavishes his goodness on us, providing in limitless ways, never counting the cost. This verse makes it clear – he gives lavishly to all. He does not horde, does not play favorites, does not make us jump through a maze of hoops to prove our worth. Our God is the epitome of generosity from every angle imaginable.

Along with all of these attributes, we learn that God values our faith in him. When we appeal to our incomparable God, he tells us to be people of faith, to believe who he is and what he is capable of. We are to remember his track record in the world and in our own lives, and believe him to be all he says he is and all he says he can do.

One small verse and we are left drenched in amazement, and way beyond that, too.


Dear Lord, Thank you for being so very generous with all that you have. Thank you for the gift of wisdom that you willingly supply us when we ask. We are ever in need, and no time more than now. Come dear Lord, and gift us with your wisdom from on high.

Elizabeth Karram Mitchell

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  1. Melissa Reed

    Elizabeth, once again you have taken a familiar and beloved scripture and made me see it through a new prism. Thank you for these lovely devotions each Tuesday. Hope your family is well. Love, Melissa

    • JourneyfortheHeart

      Melissa. You are so welcome. Thank you for letting me know how much it meant to you.


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