Decade Down

image-6Ten years past
You slipped away
While we watched
Beside you to the end
Held you tight
Till he asked
Let go
We did.
Priceless gift
On loan
For a time
Too short
Happiness your hallmark
In spite of it all.

Courageous boy
You soared
Where others might have faltered
You laughed
Loud and long
Sunlight poured from your smile
Beautiful boy
You brought busloads of joy.
We had you
He has you now
Always did, really.

You worship
Face to face
Heartbeat strong
When he allows
We will know the sweetness of time
With you

Elizabeth Mitchell

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  1. tish stephano

    beautiful. sweet. heart wrenching. filled with love!

  2. PK

    Precious boy
    You are an amazing writer
    May God use his life to change many.

    • Cathy carpinello

      He already has several times over ❤️

      • cathy carpinello

        When our son Casey was 13 years old, ( the same age Jame went home to be with His father) he played basketball for Boca Hoops on a teams aptly names James’ Warriors sponsered by the Mitchell Family, as James loved to play basketball. This was no coincidence, this was God’s divine providence. My husband and I felt God’s leading to speak with the coach and shared James’ story with him and with the rest of the team and their families regardles of their religious beliefs. We were amazed how these boys played that season… before every game, all hands in and they would yell at the top of their lungs JAMES!!! They knew at this tender young age of 13 that this was more than just a game this season. We gave out Elizabeth’s book to tall the fmailies and believe it of not every single family read it, including the kids. We didn’t make the finals, yet seeds were planted, and hearts were softened; minds were thinking and it was a wonderful time of fellowship with new friends. Who knows, perhaps we shall see some of these families when we are fortunate enough to be where James is now. So… yes PK, God used, and is still using this precious boy to change many <3

  3. Aubrey Fredericks

    The tender heartbeat of a mother. Liz, you are truly a remarkable woman! Love and prayers to you and Bill from Aubrey and Marie.

  4. Teri greene

    Beautiful. We ache to be reunited but to be face to face with our from evil forever more.. priceless.
    Love & Prayers for you❤️

  5. Lois

    Loving memories, hope for the future, gifts from above.

  6. Diana Woods

    Precious memories are treasures. What a sweet reunion by & by. Love

  7. Paula

    Bless you, dear Lizzie.

  8. Katie

    Absolutely beautiful, Aunt Lizzie!

  9. Treasha

    And I’m counting down the days until I see
    It’s everything He said that it would be
    And even better than we would believe
    And I’m counting down the days ’til He says, “Come with me.”
    And finally, we’ll see. We will see…

  10. Bruce

    Beautiful tribute Elizabeth. Brought tears to my eyes

  11. Laurie

    Beautiful! Gave me goosebumps!! God bless you!

  12. Sally Hrycyk

    I’m sure your son will someday run even faster towards you and your family.
    Thank you, Elizabeth.. for always sharing the deepest part of your heart and life.

  13. Teresa and Don

    God’s love comes so powerfully from you and your wonderful family! You will be together forever, in his time.
    Love and hugs!

  14. Mary Ellen

    Your words so beautifully say it all.

  15. Toni McClard

    You are always on my heart.💖 Even though it was a short time, we at least had some time for precious memories. Much love to you & Bill.

  16. Ray

    This poem empties me of speech, but my eyes are full. We love James. We love you all.

  17. Raquel Maranges

    Remembering James….. during basketball games and half time, he was the first one on the courts. What passion for the game. Thank you for sharing your devotionals ❤️

  18. Linda Kreh

    Beautiful words. Your heart. His life. I am smiling with tears!! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Debra Cohoon

    What a beautiful tribute for your sweet James. Love you!

  20. Chuck Schoolcraft

    Oh My , what a glorious reunion heaven is going to be. I was so excited to read your comments. Heaven is so near to us as God’s children. Thank you Elizebeth

  21. Paul Phair

    I chocked with sorrow and joy with you and Pastor Mitchell. How awesome to know as you express, that the fullness of joy will be restored and amplified in heaven. Thanks too for including that special picture!


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