You are not alone.
Jesus is in
your story.

Let’s find him. Together.

You’re not alone
Jesus is in your story.

Let’s Find Him. Together.

I Want to Encourage You

Are you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or alone? Let me encourage you to look at your circumstances differently so you can find Jesus in your story. He will give you the hope, courage, and grace to make it through. He certainly did that for me! Here are some ways I will encourage you:


My weekly devotionals are inspiration to keep believing you can experience God’s peace and strength precisely where you are. The audio and written blogs will help you understand that despite your challenges, Jesus is still at work in your story.


Writing to bring hope to those experiencing life as unfair, this is the account of how God journeyed with our family through the heartache and triumph of our son James’ congenital heart disease that ultimately included a heart transplant and heartbreak.


As travelers through life, we often trudge along with burdened backs and wounded hearts. The Way There is a collection of 120 of my short essays written to inspire and encourage you to remember who God is and all he is capable of doing, regardless of your present reality.


God loves people and wants them to experience that life-changing truth. With my teaching I share that life with him is an extraordinary adventure, that his presence and power is made perfect in our weak places, and that his Word radically transforms us from the inside out.

My Story

“This is exactly what I always never wanted!”

That phrase pretty much summarized what our family felt through one of the hardest chapters of our lives. I imagine you, too, can relate to life as unfair.

But it is because I experienced God as completely trustworthy right in the middle of our mess, that I am here to share my story with you.

Be Encouraged

Jesus is ultimately in control
Jesus hasn’t changed; he never will

Christ promises to bring order to our disheveled world,
and calm to our chaos, as we wait attentively on him

God is able to bring beauty out of our brokeness
He sees beyond our wounds and never recoils from our imperfections

Christ endured the wilderness for our sake
When we are made to wander through, he is the perfect guide

Jesus can still be found in your story
and he will provide you with the courage, hope, and grace to overcome

Notes From the Heart

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